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What is "Divizor"?

"Divizor" is a division-based educational game, intended to teach basic division while having fun! You play as the captain to a ship, fighting off numbers flying at you, but how can you get rid of these dangerous enemies? You divide them of course! Use your number-pad to pick your desired numerical ammo and destroy oncoming attacking numbers! Choose the wrong number however, and you'll be in trouble! Enemy numbers will only disappear when hit with numbers they are divisible by, so choose carefully!


While in on a short car-ride, I was told a story from a friend of mine about how she met with a math professor she looked up to greatly at a conference where they discussed new techniques of teaching math to young children. Immediately this sparked an idea to create a simple game about learning division while playing a game. And thus after around two months of brainstorming, on May 19th 2019, development began on "Divizor"! 

When will "Divizor" Release?

"Divizor" is on track to compete development in full by the end of Summer 2019.

Meet the Developer

"Divizor" is a solo-developed title by Adam Stropkey, a Senior majoring in MAGC (Modeling Animation and Game Creation) at Kent State University.  His reasoning for attempting to develop this title solo is to get more experience in game development as a whole. As a result of working solo and wanting a name other than his own to brand the game with, "Outfox Over Reality" was created. This studio is working towards releasing more educational games, as well as bizarre creative endeavors for more mature audiences.

Install instructions

Simply download the .zip file, extract it anywhere and run the .exe!


Divizor(Pre-Alpha Demo).zip 10 MB

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